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... How well do you know yourself? The hidden you inside what I call the joy of you? Did you know that Joy can be enhanced and expand out into the cosmos when you are in touch with your inner most hidden dreams?

This course will make you rich with humor inside and overflowing with compassion outside. It's a road map to help you discover the joy of you where your dreams come true inside the core of who you really are unraveled. But first you're going to have to learn how to become an angel undercover. Divinity in disguise. The joy of you course offers participants profound insights into  human behavior. Even more important it offers a path for all to craft and create a more meaningful life filled with joy, bliss and ecstasy. The joy of you course is designed to teach you a new way of being and thinking about who you are and the world around you. This course is a wonderful opportunity for growth in joy as personal transformation. Here you will discover your inner core experience of the real Joy of you and connect deeply with others in order to realize the perfect you in all your imperfections.

The joy of you is a new 6 week course from Beverly Allgood and the Joy Of You Institute, a place where you discover the hidden potential of Joy inside the hidden you.

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